Table Tennis Tournament!

It’s time for Table Tennis!!

We are delighted to launch the Helical & Ashdown Phillips inaugural Table Tennis Tournament for our Office Occupiers!   The Tournament is open to all Occupiers at Churchgate & Lee, and there is no limit on how many people can enter from each company.

Games will take place in an elimination format over lunch times between 12:00 – 14:00 from Monday 8th – Thursday 11th July**, The Churchgate & Lee final to find our winner will be on Friday 12th July.  The winner will go on to play in the Manchester Final which will take place on Thursday 25th July.

If you would like to enter please email

The closing date to enter is Friday 28th June, this is so we have enough time to plan the matches and share the details with you.

There are a number of prizes up for grabs for the winners.

**depending on number of entries will determine the dates & timings for the tournament**




Sometimes all you want to know are the basic rules to play a friendly match of Table Tennis. This section is for you.



A match is played best 3 of 5 games For each game, the first player to reach 11 points wins that game, however a game must be won by at least a two point margin.

A point is scored after each ball is put into play (not just when the server wins the point as in volleyball).

The edges of the table are part of the legal table surface, but not the sides.

Flow of the match


Each player serves two points in a row and then switch server. However, if a score of 10-10 is reached in any game, then each server serves only one point and then the server is switched. After each game, the players switch side of the table. In the final game (ie 5th game), the players switch side again after either player reaches 5 points.

Legal serve

The ball must rest on an open hand palm. Then it must be tossed up at least 6 inches and struck so the ball first bounces on the server’s side and then the opponent’s side.

If the serve is legal except that it touches the net, it is called a let serve. Let serves are not scored and are reserved.